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Reconsidering Electronic Cigarettes: A Story

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, my husband redoubled his efforts to quit smoking. His smoking had always been a point of contention in our marriage. I wanted him to quit. He wanted to quit too. But he also didn’t. He tried to explain to me that he hated smoking but he also loved it.

But with a baby on the way he knew he had to do whatever it took.

He smoked his first cigarette in second grade. His first quit attempt was in sixth grade. I can’t tell you how many quit attempts he made during our marriage. A lot, that’s for sure. But he was determined to make it work this time. Read More

Smokers are Horrible People, but Don’t Worry, They’ll Die Soon

How the electronic cigarette debate reveals lack of concern for the lives of smokers

Fifty years ago the Surgeon General issued a report revealing the extreme dangers of smoking. Since that time, the smoking rate in the US has been cut in half. Public health officials and anti-tobacco activists have fought tirelessly to reduce smoking related death and disease, and to keep kids from becoming trapped in a lifetime of addiction to deadly cigarettes. Unfortunately, after years of hard fought battles against smoking, many have become unable to differentiate between fighting against smoking and fighting against smokers. Smokers have become the enemy. Read More