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About the Author


Allison became interested in electronic cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction (THR) after her husband successfully switched from smoking to vaping. As a never smoker, she was very skeptical at first.  Through copious amounts of research and conversations with hundreds of former smokers she came to believe that THR could change the world.

However, it soon became clear that accurate information about electronic cigarettes is hard to come by, with health officials warning against them because “we don’t know the long term effects” and vapers shouting “they are completely harmless, it’s just water vaper.”

Becoming increasingly discouraged by the overwhelming amount of misinformation and lack of logical thinking in the e-caigarette debate, she decided to add her voice to the fray.

Allison asks readers to critically consider the arguments for and against THR, as well as their own underlining prejudices.



Note: Allison recently did some consulting work for a local, family owned vape shop.